Office Tracker Scheduling Software

"We test drove about five different systems before we decided that Office Tracker met our current and future needs."
- Violet Grgich, V.P. Operations Grgich Hills
"Not only does Office Tracker save DATV money, but as importantly it saves us time. "
- Steve Ross, Executive Director, DATV, Dayton Access Television




Office Tracker Success Stories

Featured Success Story:
Tomball Regional Medical Center Replaces Dry Erase Board
with Office Tracker Scheduling

Tomball Regional Medical Center is a 350 bed Acute Care Hospital located in Tomball Texas. Before Office Tracker scheduling for the Imaging and Rehab staff was done on a dry erase marker board or printed paper schedules out and posted them on a wall. The schedules were not remotely accessible so users had to physically come to view them throughout the day, it was also difficult to change, so mistakes were more likely to occur. Read story here >>

Featured Success Story:
DATV - Dayton Access Television
Improves Editing with Office Tracker Scheduling

DATV (Dayton Access Television) is the non-profit, community television station in Dayton, OH. We provide public access television services to the citizens of Dayton and the surrounding area. We’ve been serving the Dayton community for 30 years and have 6 full-time and 4 part-time staff. Basically, we provide television training and equipment to citizens. We then air their programs on the channel.
Read story here >>

Featured Success Story:
Grgich Hills Expands Tours/Events with Office Tracker

Founded in 1977, Grgich Hills is an organic and Biodynamic certified winery in the Napa Valley region of California.  Grgich wines uses only grapes that have been farmed Biodynamically an agricultural philosophy that treats the earth as a living being and utilizes natures basic life forces, natural compost and nutrient preparations, and cosmic cycles to bring about balance between the grapevines and the earth. Completely estate grown, Grgich Hills controls every step of the winemaking process, from vineyards to the finished bottle of wine.
Read story here >>

More Success Stories
Some Office Tracker Customers

Customers Love Office Tracker...
"Office Tracker is working wonderfully for our organization. What used to be an archaic "stubby pencil" process is now an efficient automated network system. Everyone in our office is now able to view and schedule usage of all of our resources all on one screen at their individual desk. Our receptionists can now instantly schedule appointments for our clients without conflicts. We use Officer Tracker to schedule all our counselors appointments, usage of our classrooms, and other shared resources. We have been so pleased with Office Tracker that other organizations in our command are planning on purchasing it."
- Brian P. Dougherty, Army Community Service, Schofield Barracks

"Office Tracker is great, it's really helped our business."
- L. Dudley, Office Manager, United Painting

"So much easier than using pencil & lead!"
- S. Jones, Admin. Secretary, Northeast Texas Community College

"The [Office Tracker] software is working great.  We have done lots of customization and set-up on labels and so forth so we have had great results.  I would imagine our billed productivity has gone up 20% as a direct result of Office Tracker.  In addition - we are way more organized."- P. Hopkins, Arrkann Trailer and RV Center

"Your Tech Support people are really great and your company as a whole has a fantastic turnaround time for communication.  As both a consumer and a business person I greatly appreciate the prompt and effective assistance I have received from your company to date!" -B. Lichtenwalner, Operations Director, Bright Spot, Inc.

The non-profit agency I work for has been a registered user of Office Tracker for a number of years. The role of Office Tracker in our office is utterly critical to keeping everyone in the loop as to which rooms are booked with workshops (employment services, housing help, etc), to knowing where each other are. And with 30 people in the place, it just couldn't happen without your software."
-Paul Dobbs, John Howard Society

"How can I tell you how much I like my Office Tracker? We have not missed one setup since we began to use the system and in the synagogue business you can not afford a loss of time, manpower or credibility with your congregants. The employees who most benefit from Office tracker are my maintenance and communications staff. Turning over rooms and sending out accurate announcements about community events are two of the most important means of running this business.

Personally, I found the ease of getting everyone up and running the most gratifying. The staff at Milum, support and sales, were patient and knowlegable. This is a decision I will never regret making."
-Dvorah, Ritual Director, Congregation Kehillath Israel

"Office Tracker has allowed the Administration staff to coordinate our scheduling and tracking which is more beneficial than anyone could ever imagine. We now use Office Tracker for all of our scheduling needs in the Administration Office. This includes the schedules of the Mayor, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Room Scheduling, and Absence Tracker. Office Tracker has brought our office into this century and has not only improved our operations, but streamlined them as well. The program is very user friendly and the technical support is outstanding."
-Tracy L. Humphreys, Executive Secretary, Administration City of Del Rio

"I cannot tell you how easy Office Tracker is to set up and use!  It was by far the best value our law firm found in a net workable calendar solution.  I have calculated that we have gained approximately ten man-hours per week by not depending on a paper calendar that employees have to walk around the office to find.  Not to mention that they can schedule appointments from any desktop in the office -- that translates into no lost appointments because a potential client got tired of waiting on hold for someone to find the old paper calendar. Having all of the contacts for the office in one place is also an invaluable resource!  After networking our computer system, Office Tracker is the BEST RESOURCE we have given our employees."
- Cynthia Podis, Director of Technology Services
The Law Office of Mark Podis & Associates

"Great Product- Easy to Install and Administer"
-J. Sulkowski, Rowan Cabarrus Community College

"Our non-profit seniors' centre organizes hundreds of programs each month for low-income individuals 55 and up. We also rent out some of our twenty spaces to local community organizations. When a series of mix-ups led to double-bookings and angry renters, we turned to OfficeTracker to take control of our growing facilities management problem. We have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the OfficeTracker experience. Installation was quick and painless. The Web administration tool made inputting simple and intuitive and the client software is lightweight but powerful and versatile. OfficeTracker lets us print customized daily, weekly or monthly reports which we can pass along to staff to ensure that all setups go smoothly. Now, when somebody asks if a room is available, we can let them know either way -- and be confident we're not going to have a problem. With OfficeTracker, we can juggle private functions, staff time commitments, recurring programs and one-time events, bringing in many add-on resources, like a computer projector and audio-visual equipment, with no fear of conflicts. At last, we're getting a handle on our facility and making the most of all the resources our Centre has to offer."
- Pamela Hewitt CA Director of Finance & Administration
The Bernard Betel Centre for Creative Living

"Office Tracker is a Network Administrators dream. Easy to set-up, maintain, and upgrade. I find the software is reliable and doesn't take any amount of time or effort to run or manage, which allows me to concentrate on other duties."
-Daniel M, Network Administrator , Steps To Employment Inc.

"When the military or DoD civilian employees have Orders to either PCS (Permanent Change Station) or ETS (Estimated Time of Separation) they come to us for instructions to transport their HHG (Household Goods) within the States or Overseas.

I've been working in Transportation for quite some time and our organization process in excess of 30,000 customers throughout the year. April - September is our peak season in which we may see approximately 400 customers daily. Coordinating and administering our customers with 5 - 7 counselors daily from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. has been quite mind-boggling at times. But after purchasing the Office Tracker Software it has become a simple procedure to distribute the workload among the Counselors.

Office Tracker is very user friendly and we are able to bring up any Counselor's schedule to change a client from one day to another. And for statistical purposes my assistant can bring up any given time any data information that we need to compile monthly reports. We highly recommend this program software to any and all organizations that have a high traffic Customer Service intake and need to keep track of daily appointments."
- Anita E. Lynce, Chief, Personal Property Operations
Directorate of Logistics, Transportation Division
Personal Property Operations, Fort Hood, Texas

"With Office Tracker, our receptionists can quickly assign conference rooms upon request by an attorney, and via the web interface, secretaries are able to check for available rooms and scheduling conflicts. Office Tracker has helped us match the right conference with the right room to more efficiently utilize the valuable conference room resource without scheduling conflicts."
-T. Armendariz, Director of IT, Clark, Thomas & Winters

"Now with Office Tracker all our employes are able to answer the numerous telephone calls of interested customers immediately. With the very patient, always kind, and competent help of the Milum support we solved everything, we are very happy and content Office Tracker users and we DO recommend Office Tracker!"
- Air Force Center JU-AIR / FLIEGER FLAB MUSEUM, Rita Walder, Assistant CEO

"Thanks for making a wonderful product for our office, we look forward to future upgrades." - Brandon, South Plains College

"I felt it necessary to let you know how satisfying it has been working with the members of your staff. I run my business with customer satisfaction as my number one goal and it's nice when I encounter other companies who share my philosophy. Being a business owner myself, I appreciate the commitment you make to your customers. It is clear that it goes beyond the initial sale. Thank you, and your staff, for a job well done." -Jeff Krall, President, American Roof Preservers, Inc. Office Tracker User

"We needed a dependable scheduling solution to keep up with an administrative group's personal, meeting room and visiting speaker schedules. The transition to Office Tracker was effortless. Easy installation and user/room schedule setup had most users up to speed in minutes!"
- D. Schieve, Univ. of Alberta

"Exactly what we needed. It has growth capacity for the Internet, which we will integrate in the near future. Office Tracker is robust in functionality and easy to use at a very economical price."
- Jeff Moles, Server-Project Leader TriHealth, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

"Office Tracker has increased the efficiency of our office ten fold! Not only is it wonderful to be able to see the entire schedule at a glance, the software is so user friendly that the transition to an electronic system has been incredibly smooth. Thank you so much for making scheduling easier."
-Office Administration , Steps To Employment Inc

"We have just recently started using Office Tracker and have been very pleased with it. We use it schedule rooms, and also, we can see everyone's schedule. It is a network application, each user has a client license and software, runs over IP on an NT server."
- T.S., Central Ind. Educational Service Center



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