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About Milum Corporation and Office Tracker
Our philosophy hasn't changed all that much since 1992. We feel software should be easy and fun to use and the companies providing it should care about their customers, their staff and the planet. "Be good." Just like mom used to say. It's really the basics that are most important in life.

Office Tracker is the result of many years of collaboration. Input from our staff, customers, business colleagues and friends help us create great products and we do our best to make them proud.

Back in '92 software was a bit different than today, but not as much as many may think. We were already doing web linking, hyperscripting, TCP/IP communications and many of the now "trendy" modes of development. E-mail wasn't really popular yet but there were "chat" windows for messaging across the office. Most things change and improve over time, just as Office Tracker has done over the years.

Office Tracker customers range from small 3-5 user sites to large enterprise installations with hundreds or thousands of users. We have everything from small catering companies to Federal offices scheduling with Office Tracker in cities across the world. We continually strive to find the right balance between powerful features and ease of use. Our customers think we've done a great job so far and they often let us know - which makes it all worthwhile.

Milum Corporation (dba "Office Tracker") was founded in Austin, Texas and remains headquartered here in our "own little slice of heaven" as many Texans like to call it. We also have some of the best bar-b-que in Texas and if you're ever in town we hope you'll give us a call and maybe we can take you out for a taste test.

Milum is a privately held, woman owned business and an equal opportunity employer.

If you have questions about Milum Corporation or Office Tracker, please be sure to Contact Us.

Thank you for your support as our customer, vendor and friend. We look forward to hearing from you soon!






NOTE: We make our best effort to keep information up to date, however, all information on this page is subject to change without notice. If in doubt, you are encouraged to get the most updated information by contacting Milum at 800-257-2120 or at 512-469-2966

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