"We think it's brilliant! It will really help us with our video conference bookings."

Facility and Room Scheduling with Office Tracker
Facility scheduling can be quick, easy and efficient when you have the right system.

  • Everyone can see and share schedules for staff, rooms and resources
  • Schedule and re-schedule facilities with just one or two clicks
  • Reduce data entry errors and eliminate unwanted double-bookings (or utilize double-bookings if you require it)
  • Share schedule information via the web
  • Automate reminders to alert staff of upcoming meetings and events
  • Create customized time use reports
  • Track resource usage
  • Set customized Sharing Privileges for adding/editing schedule information on a user by user basis
  • Publish chosen facility schedules to web calendars for public access

View Rooms/Resources/People Side by Side
Office Tracker lets everyone view schedules in a great side by side format or if you prefer the Planner style format (names down the left, times across the top).

Automated Notifications - Internal or E-mail
Office Tracker lets you use automated notifications that alert all attendees of a scheduled meeting or event - with no typing needed. You can choose to use Office Tracker's internal messaging system or use e-mail to send your notifications.

Automated Reminders
No more "I forgot the event was today." Office Tracker can automate reminders to all attendees to alert them of upcoming events. Extensive Sharing Privileges allow you to set up who can create reminders for other users.

Print Great Looking Reports
Track facility and room usage, then print great customized reports for your internal records.

Add Special Notes or Agendas
Everyone will be able to read related notes/agendas from their own desk (provided you give them "privileges" to do so). Add information about catering or other special needs.

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