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"It saves us a great deal of time producing our year-end statistics."


The Office Tracker Traditional Desktop Client
The Office Tracker "desktop client" is software in the traditional sense more like your word processor or spreadsheet. It is "installed" on each computer and communicates to the Office Tracker Server which may be installed at your location or hosted on the cloud using the Office Tracker Cloud Hosted services.

Advantages to Desktop Software
The Office Tracker desktop software offers some advantages such as speed of operation, a few additional features, and the ability to be used "offline" when you are not connected to the server. You may choose to have some users on the desktop client and others on the web client. They work together or separately to ensure you stay connected and up to date every day.

Simplify Your Office Scheduling and Management
Office Tracker provides you with a total office management solution that simplifies scheduling, customer management, time management, and group communications. Your entire office saves time, eliminates mistakes and improves productivity.

  • Automate your entire scheduling process
  • Schedule and share information for people, rooms, resources
  • Share customer information with multi-user contact manager
  • Eliminate scheduling mistakes
  • Use Automated reminders to save you time every day
  • Get double-bookings under your control
  • Share and access via the web or desktop






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