"The web client lets us share schedules with nearly any other user - on Windows, Mac, iphone, tablet and more!"





Office Tracker Web Based Scheduling
See how much faster and easier group scheduling can be. Everyone can see and share schedules right in their web browser - from most popular computing devices. The Office Tracker web client is a full featured scheduling, customer managment and group communication system. Cloud hosted option available or you can install and Office Tracker Server at your own location.

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  • Makes scheduling quick and easy
  • Allows everyone in your office and beyond to share secure side-by-side group schedules for people, rooms, resources and projects
  • Reduces errors by reducing double-entries
  • Makes your entire office run more efficiently and more professionally
  • Makes installation and maintenance quick and easy
  • Improves compatibility of many different operating systems

Try it Now! If you want full web-based schedule functionality, download the Office Tracker Free Trial and see how you can install once and give everyone access to "real time" group scheduling right in their web browser.

What's the Difference Between a Web Client and a Desktop Client?
A "web" client refers to a software solution that can be accessed through the internet or "web." A web client communicates using a combination of web software technologies such as html, javascript and Java. Web clients use html pages to display information in your web browser and they communicate to "server" software that resides on a machine in one location such as in your main office. Each web user communicates to the server to request the most up to date information. The server is updated each time a change is made and sends back the updated information when it is requested.

A desktop client is also software but does not require a web browser for display or communications. Desktop software must be "installed" on each computer. Desktop software offers some advantages such as speed of operation, more detailed features, and the ability to be used "offline" when you are not connected to the internet.

Install Once - Use on Many Machines
With the Office Tracker web-based client you don't have to install software on each users' machine and you can use it on a wide variety of operating systems.

To use the Office Tracker web client, you simply install the Office Tracker Server, set up the Names List and give users the log-in identity and url. Upgrades are simple. Maintenance automated. It's the fastest, easiest way to get your organization on track with scheduling and time management.

Office Tracker WebViewer Option
In addition to the full-featured web client, Office Tracker offers an affordable "WebViewer" that gives "view only" calendars you can allow others to access via the web. The WebViewer is built into the Office Tracker Server so no additional software is required. Users can access the schedule "pages" that you choose to "publish" to the WebViewer. In addition, you can configure the WebViewer for custom features such as displaying "Upcoming Events" on your own organization's web site. Learn more here>>.


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